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Download free iTools 2013

Download free iTools 2013

ITools program is a tool to manage and synchronize devices
 iPhone, iPad, and iPod PC Your own and without any 
installation (portable version).
Just plug in the device or connect via Wi-Fi, and manage
 files or applications. You can also get general information about
 the device: OS, serial number,
 And the ability of the distribution system and memory.

ITools program list of your e-books, your media and other files,
And even offers the ability to uninstall applications directly from a 
modern interface and easy to use.
Even if you do not use iTunes directly, it is necessary to install the
 program to run iTools. ITools program is compatible with all
 versions of windows and Download Free iTools

Download free iTools 2013
Released: 2013
Size: 2.49 Mo
License: Free
Release Date: 2013.03.30
Language: French / English

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